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Momentos como estos abundan cuando mis amigas y yo logramos coincidir en las mismas coordenadas geograficas. Observen el nivel de energia, listas para la fiesta! Y yo? Dando ordenes para variar, esta vez le toco a Alisson.

Saturday Morning Wilderness

Saturday morning we woke up to find the squirrels super busy stocking up all the food they could find in our backyard.  They ate non-stop for about 15 minutes, which gave us enough time to take pictures and a short-video of their doing.  This video also demonstrates how comfortable the squirrels feel in our house, they didn't even blink at my presence. 

video #1

Later that morning Chickie stole a peanut from the peanut jar we have reserved for the squirrels.  It usually takes her a few seconds to break the peanut shell, but for some reason this one was harder than average.  Notice how willingly she drops the peanut for Mark to help her, I guess she was already very frustrated and decided to let the human do the work for her.


Chickie at the beauty parlor...

Friday night we arrived home to find Chickie soaking wet with so much rain in the land. I was concerned she was going to get sick if left wet all night long. All the chicken literature we own suggests wet chickens are very susceptible to getting sick, so I decided to dry her feathers with the only tool I could come up with: the blowdryer. Chickie is such a well-behaved chicken that she didn't even blink at the sound of the blowdryer. At first she was alert, trying to figure out what was going on, but the warm air kissing her feathers convinced her it was all good! She relaxed and enjoyed the experience... so much so that she ended up relieving her bowels on the spot.

The following movie shows the blowdryer in action.


Magnificent Beer Dispenser

An incredible automation device. Made in Japan.This particular one is filmed in Narita airport at the business lounge. The glasses are kept at the side in a very cold refrigerator for customer satisfaction


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