MGA and JC in Los Angeles 2008


My friend Maria Gracia and her husband Juan Cruz stayed with us for a few days during their tour through California.  Their visit gave me and Mark a great excuse to tour some of our favorite Southern California spots such as Santa Barbara, Solvang, and the Fairfax area in Los Angeles.  We all had a great time together: we ate, we chatted, we remembered the good old days in Mendoza (Mark didn't participate in this part), but most of all, we laughed together.  It always amazes me how natural and spontaneous is to be around the friends from the heart, even when life has taken us through very different paths.  Ah! friends, one of the beauties of life.



Chickie at the beauty parlor...

Friday night we arrived home to find Chickie soaking wet with so much rain in the land. I was concerned she was going to get sick if left wet all night long. All the chicken literature we own suggests wet chickens are very susceptible to getting sick, so I decided to dry her feathers with the only tool I could come up with: the blowdryer. Chickie is such a well-behaved chicken that she didn't even blink at the sound of the blowdryer. At first she was alert, trying to figure out what was going on, but the warm air kissing her feathers convinced her it was all good! She relaxed and enjoyed the experience... so much so that she ended up relieving her bowels on the spot.

The following movie shows the blowdryer in action.


We did bother her to take this picture


For the first time in 3 years we decided to spend New Year's Eve at our house with few of our friends. Of course, for Mark this plan meant cooking one thousand dishes in order to have enough food to last the entire month. And for me, it just gave me a great excuse to set up the table, which we rarely do, with a tablecloth and everything.  So, almost the entire day went by cooking and arranging the house until the bulk of our guests arrived around 8:00pm (Gopi arrive much earlier to give us a hand with the stuff). We are all gathered in the picture above (and I apologize in advance for mispelling Indian names) from left to right: Anya, Mahesh, Smriti, Manoj, Gabi, Mark, and Gopi.  Anya was very busy during the evening watching DVDs. Finding Nemo was so important to her that she kindly requested us not to bother her while the movie was on. We are lucky she wanted to participate in the picture, and what a beautiful smile she is flashing!

We hope you also received 2008 in good spiritis and in good company . Our wish is that 2008 turns out to be your best year ever. Happy New Year and keep on visiting us!!!


Christmas 2007 At The Trainers


Last week Gabi and I spent time in Houston celebrating Christmas with the all the members of the Trainer family and, of course, with Tia Edith from Argentina.  We celebrated Christmas' Eve with roasted pork and Texan wine.  The Trainer's cousins Michael, Allison, Terese and their families joined us for the celebration.  On Christmas day we ate Italian food.  The 'capelettis in brodo' were the star at the dinning table, but Joe and Gabi went crazy over the corn cannoli.  Santa Claus proved to be very generous as usual, so generous that we ended up with 5 unopened pecan pies and dozens of alfajores.  

The photo album can be found by following this link.

Deep Thought

Deep Thought

Chickie on Thursday morning with a profound expression: where's the food? is that camera edible? how many flavors does it come in?

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