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Roger is growing and he is growing fast.  It is amazing to see how much he changes on a daily basis, from the expression of his face to his height and weight.  Mark and I are eager to document his transformation.  Before we know it, this cute and energetic little puppy will become a handsome and well-mannered dog.  So, we plan to post as many pictures and videos as we can in order to track his growth. The first round of pictures was taken the first weekend of August, Roger's second weekend with us.

Please click on the following link to see them all.


New Pack Member

Gabi & Roger

Roger is our new pack member, a yellow Labrador Retriever born on June 2, 2008. Roger joined us this past Friday teaching us infinite patience!

Since Roger's first night of barking, I decided to start tracking his barking pattern when not at home. You will find the up to date report on the following link.

Patio Cover

Patio Cover

After suffering the heat of the Valley for many many days, we decided to build a patio cover to provide shade on the west side of the house. If you know Mark at all you know that he never embarks in minor projects.  Quite the contrary, you better grab your gloves and safety goggles when he starts building and be prepared to spend many weekends doing runs to Home Depot.

Gopi and Glenn helped us a lot this time around during different stages of the project. After 4 painstaking weekends, the patio cover project was officially completed and we celebrated the ocassion by hanging our Mayan hammack from the main frame.

 Follow this link to see the construction timeline...

Wedding Bells: Gabi attends Belen's wedding in Mendoza


March in Mendoza is a fabulous month. The weather is still warm enough to walk in flip-flops and to enjoy an outdoor asado with friends and family well into the night. But there is also a feeling of anticipation in the air. For some, it is the anticipation of chiller days to come, for others the thrill of having a full year ahead, and for the little ones is the excitement of getting new school supplies. For me, March 2008 was unique in that I felt a great joy for one my dearest friends.

Belen got married to Diego on March 15. All of her close friends were right next to her when that happened. After more than a year of being apart, the Sisterhood reunited in Mendoza for the event. The bride and Alicia played locally, Celina came all the way from Switzerland, and Maria Gracia and I joined them from the USA. One thing that amazes me every time the Sisterhood reunites is the realization of how much love and history we share. So much of who I am I owe to them. They know everything about me without knowing the details of everyday life. Friends like them are not very easy to find nowadays, at least not in L.A.

So we laughed, we ate, we talked nonsense, and it was great. Alicia didn’t know I was coming so that was a surprise. We caught up on the essential and we joined Belen in some of the pre-event activities. The picture above shows us having lunch at a cafe on Avenida Colon.  Those few hours we shared pre-wedding were precious. The day of the event we got to the church on time, we took many pictures, and we greeted all the attendants as if they were coming to our own wedding. One funny thing I noticed is that even though each one of us knew more than half of the attendants, we remained physically close as if we were united by an imaginary thread of friendship. We wanted to absorb it all together.

Of course the bride was gorgeous, the groom was all gratefulness, and the parents and grandparents couldn’t help smiling. Weddings always seem to bring the best in people, everybody is happy and smiling. 

Dinner and reception took place at the Golf Club Andino. The setting resembled an elegant but casual lounge, the tables were covered in white linens with touches of red. At the reception, the first event was the civil ceremony and after that the food and wine followed. We shared the table with Florencia and Belen Bayeta, good friends from high school. With the bellies full we hit the dance floor and we didn’t stop for the following 5 hours. Needless to say I was exhausted by the end; my legs are so not in shape!

I think all of us in the Sisterhood enjoyed every minute of the wedding to the max. Most importantly, Belen and Diego seemed really happy with how things turned out. The day after the wedding, Maria Gracia and I headed back to the airport and after saying good buy to our families, we talked non-stop of the events of the night before until we split in Santiago. The trip was short but all worthy, and I am ready to do it all over again for Celens wedding… but this time we will have MGA’s baby witnessing everything from her comfy belly!



T-Rex on my shoulder

Our flock had an eventful week the third week of February 2008.  T-Rex lay her first, perfectly oval, egg on President's Day. We celebrated by showering our hens with treats and affection.  However, our joy was cut short when two days later we found that a wild hawk took away T-Rex's life.  Chickie mourned the lost of her third companion, and we mourned the loss of a really good friend.  Hard to imagine three years ago being so attached to a chicken, are we getting old?

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