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Nacimiento de Ryan Joseph Trainer


Nuestro hijo Ryan llego al mundo sanito y pateando el 29 de Noviembre del 2011.  Peso 3.58 kg y midio 20 pulgadas.  Sus padres y abuelos estan chochos con la llegada.  Aqui van algunas fotos del dia del nacimiento y tambien del primer mes de vida.

Para acceder al album hacer click aqui:'s%20Birth/

Digital Jerky

Digital Jerky Smoking

I love to eat beef jerky, so I created a gizmo to regulate the temperature of the smoker heated by an electrical element. I used a PIC micro controller to monitor the temperature and to regulate the current into the heating element. A picture library can be found HERE.

BBQ Pit Modification

BBQ Pit Modification

Modified the BBQ pit smoker in order to accomodate an Argentine style asado. Cut the bottom portion of the barrel and welded together a door that can be opened for the Argentine asado, and closed in order to smoke. Pictures can be found HERE.


Sausage Website

I came across a fantastic sausage making website, with good recipes and ideas:


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